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Asia’s Largest Beach Countdown Party: A Review

Touted as Asia’s largest annual beach countdown party, it’s fair to say the 2012 Siloso Beach Party was perhaps one of the safest, most fun and comfortable partying experiences in Singapore, if not Asia.

We came to the party well-prepared, bringing essentials such as glow sticks, enough to create a light spectacle that could be seen by astronauts in space (not really), and waterproof bags to store our electronic equipment. Two hours before the clock struck 12, the area surrounding the heart of the party was already a hive of activity, as thousands of revellers drank, made merry and blew vuvuzelas (yes, that extremely annoying horn that gained prominence during the 2010 FIFA World Cup). Strangers wished each other New Year greetings and friends toasted to new beginnings and renewed friendships. The party atmosphere was infectious and a great testament to Singapore’s vibrant nightlife and entertainment scene.

Just like previous years, the partygoers started entering the venue half an hour before midnight after getting sufficiently buzzed from the drinks they had brought from home. Previously, getting into the Siloso Beach Party venue was a logistical nightmare as queues would snake all the way to the train station and tempers would flare as people attempted to cut the queue to get inside quicker and catch the fireworks. This year, the organisers definitely learnt from their past mistakes, ensuring that the security checks went as quickly and as smoothly as possible.

With a 1.2 kilometre dance floor of concrete and sand waiting to get in between your toes and inside your beach shorts and five distinct party zones – Main Arena, Azzura Beach Club, COASTES, Mambo and Wave House – made available for your drinking and dancing pleasure, the Siloso Beach Party had more than enough space for the 19,000 partygoers that were present to bid 2012 farewell. And comfort was indeed not lacking; we zipped across all of the five zones, shuffling and dancing comfortably with other merry-makers as the first few hours of 2013 ticked by. There was no squeezing, no excuse me please‘s and no scowls. Total strangers became friends as the alcohol started flowing and lubricating conversations, and everyone was as happy as a clam.

Huge, well-lit signs made navigation easier and well-positioned food and drink kiosks along the stretch meant we probably ate as much as we drank, and spent more than we envisioned. Unfortunately, the alcoholic drinks were rather watered down, but we were offered a small consolation in the form of small and cute sand buckets in which the drinks came in. Of course, that meant we sidetracked a good deal, and started making sandcastles after the drink was downed.

The highlight of the party was definitely the foam pool, a massive area measuring 61 metres long and 16 metres wide, filled with bubbles, bubbles and more bubbles. Did we mention bubbles? With a DJ spinning right inside the foam pool area, partygoers could dance and soap themselves down at the same time. Talk about good welfare! Security was extremely tight; there was a menacing security officer almost everywhere we turned at the foam pool area, a good move that was probably done to pre-empt any possible molestation cases.

Even leaving Sentosa was a hassle-free experience with long rows of shuttle buses patiently waiting to transport spent and drunk partygoers back to the mainland. Make no mistake, we are very discerning and finicky party animals but the 2012 Siloso Beach Party definitely gets two sandy thumbs up from us. Now, all the organisers need to do next year is to keep up this level of meticulousness and fly an international DJ act in, and we’ll beat a path straight to the ticket counters.

Hello 2013!

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