1. The 6-hall, 1,100-seat Cathay Cineplex West Mall is Cathay Cineplexes' first venture into the west

NEW: Cathay’s Most Exciting Theatre Opens At West Mall

Singapore may not be a country that requires any domestic flights to get you from one end to the other, but it should be safe to say that residents from the east and the west do have slightly differing lifestyles.

But the one thing that most people (including west-siders themselves) can agree on is that the west is pretty dead. Not in the literal sense of empty streets and abandoned apartments, but the west really doesn’t have much going for it (as compared to the thriving neighbourhoods we keep hearing about from our friends in the east).

Which means that if you’re looking to hang out with your friends in the area, your options are limited, perhaps to catching a movie. It would be safe to say that out of six major malls in the western side of Singapore, West Mall would hardly be the top destination for a spectacular cinematic experience, especially with the new IMAX Theatre available in the newly-opened JCube.

However, that is likely to change with the newly-opened Cathay Cineplex that has taken over previous tenant, Eng Wah Cinemas, at Westmall. The new branch has introduced new and innovative ideas that aren’t available in other Cathay outlets.

The concept is simple – providing a modern and futuristic theatre that appeals to its wide audiences. A spacious front allows the theatre’s movie-goers to lounge around on the sofas available while waiting for their movies to start, and there is ample space for crowded movie nights.

The Cathay Cineplex in West Mall also aims in providing its customers with a more enjoyable movie-viewing experience. Taking relaxation to a new level, the cinema marks the launch of the Elite Club, which features a different class of seats that come equipped with wider legroom, motorised backrests, and leg-rest facilities with individual controls.

These are targeted to those who would pay a small premium for comfort, and are priced at S$18 per ticket for weekdays and S$25 for Fridays, eve of public holidays, and public holidays. These chairs will only operate if the seat numbers are sold, so don’t fret over not getting your money’s worth.

These seats form the last row of each theatre. In the row before, you’d find a spacious cluster of “couple seats”. The rest of the hall are normal seats, but each theatre has a limited number of seats, which provides increased comfort for each movie-goer.

The west-siders now have a remedy to their midnight boredom as well. The Cathay Cineplex at West Mall offers daily midnight screenings, meaning no more sleepless nights will go to waste.

Special screenings will also be held at the theatre, and you can expect exclusive screenings of classic AXN US Series, such as CSI, NCIS, Law & Order, and the new The Voice variety series on the big screen. You can expect anime showcases as well, throughout the March school break, and an anime movie marathon on 16 March from 11pm.  The movie marathon will include a free flow of popcorn and drinks.

Apart from that, classic Chinese titles such as The Wild, Wild Rose, and Mambo Girl will be shown between 4 to 8 March. Malay titles including Satay, Sumpah Pontianak, and Dang Anom will be on the big screen from 15-19 April.

The movie-going culture may be a small step to livening up the west, but we’re certain it’s the right way forward. Statistics show that an estimated 60% of the world enjoy going to the movies at least once a month, and it’s clear with Cathay’s newest offering that west-siders will do well to contribute to the figure.

Who said movie-going is a thing of the past?

For more information on ticket prices and showtimes, visit: www.cathaycineplexes.com.sg

Image credit: Cathay Organisation Holdings

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