How to Lose Weight From Hips and Thighs Without Exercise

As more and more horror stories come to light about various side effects of liposuction, many people are now turning to minimally invasive procedures like Cool Sculpting. This procedure lets you lose inches effectively and safely within an hour per treated area. Isn’t that amazing?

Here is how it works?

Janet with Cienega Spa explains the process, “Your surgeon will apply a proprietary coupling gel to the skin and fat deposit (your “muffin top” or “love handle”) tissue is then sucked up with the help of vacuum that positions it firmly between two cooling panels. It is held at this position for about 30-50 minutes and cooled which results in rapid cold-induced inflammatory response resulting in localized death of body fat cells in that particular tissue. Simply put, the fat will fall off!” Within days, these dead fat cells are absorbed through healing process, resulting in about 25-30 percent reduction in skin in the treated areas. Many studies have shown that this kind of “removal” can easily last for up to three years.

It’s basically a cosmetic technique that is best suited for people with normal weight, who have “troublesome” fatty deposits.

Let’s have a close look at top benefits of using cool sculpting for removal of excess body fat.

It’s completely safe and noninvasive

In cool sculpting no incisions, needles or surgical equipment are used, so there is absolutely no risk of permanent side effects or injury like are with any surgical treatment. Veronica Eden at 1 Hour Fat Freeze adds, “In this procedure, there is no need for any anesthesia and nor is any risk of you suffering a nerve damage. It may even be a soothing experience for you.”

It’s fast

Each areas being treated takes just an hour of time, and since the procedure is non-invasive, there’s no downtime. You can easily go back to work and resume your normal daily activities on the same day as your treatment.

The results are really impressive and natural looking

Unlike liposuction, that comes with so many side effects, including scarring, dimpling, and misshapen bulges, Cool Sculpting results in natural looking results that appear gradual. You can start seeing the results after just two weeks, with significance results visible between four to six months. This natural progression makes it easier for you to make this treatment a completely private matter.

It’s targeted

Cool Sculpting can help you shed those stubborn fat pocked that wont’ go with exercise and diet. You can easily target the problem area and can see the reduction in body fat within weeks.

Long-term results

The best thing about cool sculpting is that it can permanently remove all the fat cells it targets. When you’re dieting fat cells only decrease in size but they remain in the body. With cool sculpting, you will se a more even fat distribution if you do gain weight again.