Do You Need an OC Tax Lawyer

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Whether it is for filing personal or business taxes, there are many benefits to working with an OC tax lawyer. Audits, questions about a W2, the latest changes to the IRC (internal revenue code), accounting questions, or general filing issues arise regularly. And, the average individual does not know how to handle these issues or deal with the IRS on their own. An OC tax lawyer will not only assist you in the filing, but also in the event there are issues with the IRS, with state, or with other federal tax agencies, regarding your tax returns and filing status.

When to hire a lawyer

There really isn’t a single time or reason to hire a tax lawyer. Some of the reasons you might choose to do so include

  • If you are subject of a tax audit and don’t have the tax paperwork you require
  • If you haven’t filed for years or paid your taxes, and don’t know how to respond to the IRS
  • In instances where you need help with general accounting or business tax law
  • When the IRS or other agencies are threatening you, and you aren’t sure how to respond

Furthermore, if the IRS is threatening to garnish your wages or threatening you in other ways, many people will simply cave in when they don’t have to. Even if you are behind or haven’t paid taxes for some time, you do have rights. An OC tax lawyer is going to inform you of those rights and make sure they are preserved.

How a lawyer can help

There are many ways a tax lawyer can help. First and foremost, they’ll inform you of your rights, and tell you what you have to do (don’t have to do), if you are contacted by the IRS. Additionally, a tax lawyer can represent you if you are audited, or if you have to go to court over unpaid returns. Additionally, a tax lawyer can work with you for future filing and accounting, so you don’t run the risk of being contacted/audited by the IRS or other tax agencies in the future.

If you’re not sure where to start with tax questions, you aren’t on your own. If you want to ensure you properly handle your tax issues, and ensure you are in compliance with any communications with the IRS or other state and federal agencies, hiring a tax lawyer is a great way to guarantee this is the case.