Why You Might Want to Hire a DUI Lawyer

Have you just been apprehended for driving while intoxicated? Driving under the influence of alcohol is no longer a minor offense in the United States, as many think. In fact, it’s subject to hefty penalties, such as fines, revocation of driving license, and even loss of employment privileges. These harsh punishments are intended to discourage everyday offenders.

When arrested, you might first get confused about what to do and the best course of action to take so as to guarantee a favorable verdict. Hiring a DUI lawyer is the only way to get a fair representation and possibly get a better outcome for your case.

That said, let’s dive into some of the reasons why hiring a DUI lawyer is a good idea.

Advisory on Whether or Not to Plea Bargain

There are scenarios when you can be offered a plea bargain. This means that you would be prepared to plead guilty for the offense you’re accused of in exchange for a lesser charge and friendly penalty. This is usually the best route to take, especially when it’s evident that you’re guilty. However, plea bargaining should be done with the guidance of a skilled and experienced DUI attorney.

Having a DUI lawyer by your side is a massive plus as these professionals are well-informed of the particulars of prosecution. Therefore, they know how best to present your arguments so that you can ultimately get a better verdict and be offered a reduced plea.

Familiarity with DUI Law

The jargon used in DUI law is highly complex for an ordinary person to internalize. However, DUI lawyers at the Law Offices of Hart J. Levin are well knowledgeable on matters about DUI law. They know how best to approach legal proceedings of such cases. Besides studying law in their respective schools, these lawyers how gone ahead to familiarise themselves with laws relating to driving under the influence in real practice.

Therefore, it’s only through the prowess of an attorney that you can carefully navigate the DUI’s law vagueness.

Vast Experience in the Courtroom

You can certainly rest assured that your DUI case will end up in court, especially if you injured someone else in the process. Naturally, the injured party will be pushing for adequate compensation for the injuries and damages inflicted on them and their property (car). In such a situation, you need an experienced attorney to represent you in the courtroom.

Despite being at fault, nothing stops you from seeking a fair representation in court. Nevertheless, you ought to know there is much at stake in such a scenario. The penalties are obviously drastic, and if found guilty, you can be sentenced to jail. Although a lawyer can do little to overturn a jury’s verdict, they can ensure that your rights are well taken care of.

If you’re a resident of Los Angeles and have just been arrested for driving while drunk, hiring a skilled and experienced DUI attorney at the Law Offices of Hart J Levin is the next step you need to take to salvage your driving record. To schedule an appointment with our DUI lawyers, call 310-935-3100 or start chart on our website hartlevin.com, and we will get in touch with you right away.