Worker’s Comp Policies and When to Hire a Lawyer

If you’ve missed work due to an injury or have outstanding medical expenses as a result of a work-related injury or illness, seeking worker’s compensation benefits could be a potential solution to numerous financial struggles you could be facing. Worker’s comp is a great way to avoid conflict between employees and employers, because it is a no-fault coverage plan that pays for injuries, regardless of who is to blame. Those who are injured or ailing should always seek medical treatment right away, and do research on websites such as whether before or after the claims filing process has begun. Make sure to file the claim with your worker’s comp insurance carrier, who is responsible for making sure the claim is valid and approved.

Having time to recover from your injuries or illness will also give you the time you need to prepare for returning back to the work environment. This is another benefit that employers will enjoy, as well as the employees who may be affected. If permanent injuries were suffered, the insurance company might have to pay for permanent disability benefits. Company owners are responsible for paying workers compensation insurance premiums, and employees cannot be required to contribute to the cost of the coverage. The median cost of a worker’s compensation policy is $560 per year, but may vary depending on a number of key factors.

Some of the factors that could have an impact on the price of your worker’s comp policy may include the state where the employees operate, the company’s annual payroll, what type of work the employees do, and other circumstances. It’s safe to say that higher risk companies such as a construction business will be faced with steeper premiums than a low-risk, office based business like a marketing firm. Filing a claim as soon as possible is important, as it could become more difficult over time to prove relevant details related to the case. If your claim is denied, you do have the legal right to appeal the decision, however this is usually a lengthy process.

Hiring a worker’s compensation lawyer can assist you in getting through any necessary medical evaluations and paving the way toward a settlement with your interests in mind. They often provide free consultations to give you a better sense of what you can expect when seeking the damages you are owed. If there is a dispute involved regarding your claim, hiring an attorney may be the best next option to take.